We are moving the science of ocean carbon removal forward in partnership with leading research institutions.

Our Research

Rapid MCDR with JPL
April 2023
  • Further develop ECCO-Darwin for CDR applications
  • Develop simplified model and datasets for quantification of OAE and Marine Biomass Sinking interventions
Iceland Coastal Benthic Experiment
June 2023
  • Expand the knowledge and understanding of carbon additionality in the benthic layer of coastal sites across Running Tide's operating locations. T
  • Provide data on the ecological impact of sinking carbon substrates and eventually macroalgae biomass.
  • Focus on the changes in observational biological data and ocean chemistry over time in response to carbon additionality.
  • Data will be used to evaluate the impact of Running Tide's operations and subsequently iterate on our internal processes.
  • Data can also serve as preliminary or supplemental data for third party investigations (academic, NGO, etc.) into carbon additionality at the benthic layer, specifically (or not) to evaluate Running Tide's processes.
Open Ocean Sensor Suite Deployment
May 2023
  • To understand the immediate environmental impacts of deploying Running Tide's carbon removal system on the surface layer of the ocean.
  • To understand the transport, dispersion, and sinking of the substrate.
  • To understand and quantify the net carbon impact of deploying Running Tide's system.
  • To gather real world in-situ data to train our oceanographic models.
Open Ocean Macroalgae Growth
June 2023
  • To understand growth rates and potential of Ulva lactuca in open ocean conditions. - To collect water samples to enable us to recreate the ocean environment for continued lab studies.
Iceland Carbonate Dissolution #1
May 2023
  • To determine the dissolution, dilution, and potential impact of LKD (lime kiln dust, CaO) deployment in the surface ocean.

Deepsea Benthic Experiment #1
Ocean Networks Canada
Sept 2023
  • Test the degradation rate of carbon buoy materials on the deep seafloor and monitor impact to the deep benthos.
Deepsea Benthic Experiment #2
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Seafields.
June 2023
  • Actively monitor the ecological and environmental impact and degradation of carbon buoy materials on the seafloor.
Iceland Carbonate Dissolution #2
Q1/Q2 2024
  • To understand the comparative transport of substrate, trajectory buoys, and dissolved alkalinity, as well as the dissolution rate and addition of trace metals in open ocean environments.
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