21,778 credits delivered to customers including Shopify, Microsoft, and Stripe.

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High Quality
By working in the open ocean, our carbon is removed in durable carbon reservoirs with a low risk of reversal.
Our credits are connected to specific quantification results and their associated projects with all supporting monitoring and modeling data.
Driving Decarbonization
Carbon removal and decarbonization are linked at the hip. By putting a price on carbon, we incentivize decarbonization in our supply chain.
Real work, happening now

2023 Iceland Operations

Our operations are based in Icelandic coastal communities. These operations included terrestrial biomass sinking and ocean alkalinity enhancement — two pathways within our multi-pathway carbon removal system. Each deployment carried between 1,000 and 3,000 tonnes of alkaline-coated wood to the edge of Iceland’s exclusive economic zone under a permit from the Icelandic government.

Our technology (hardware, software, and models) combined with the best available science, was used to accurately quantify the amount of CO2e removed from 2023 operations and serves as the foundation for quantifying additional biological and chemical carbon removal pathways.

This makes Running Tide the largest permitted and active carbon removal project in the world today. (CDR.FYI)

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Third Party Reviewed

Our carbon removal approach has been reviewed by Deloitte for alignment with ISO 14064-2. We are working diligently toward conformance with the Reykjavik Protocol, and our carbon removal projects are subject to assurance and third party review by accredited, internationally-recognized auditing firms.

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