Our quantification platform integrates in-situ measurement, modeling, and laboratory research.

In-Situ Measurement
Relays imagery via satellite in real-time from the harshest environment in the world: The ocean.
Records wave, trajectory, and sea surface temperature back to our laboratories.
Records GPS trajectory data to understand dispersion, sinking location, and growth conditions.
Running Tide engineers and manufactures a fleet of ocean sensors to gather data from our carbon removal operations.

Our laboratory characterizes materials and ecological impact.

Our laboratories test biology and material interactions against a full range of environmental conditions, feeding data to our models.

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Ocean Modeling

Our ocean modeling platform utilizes in-water measurements and laboratory results.

Running Tide is working with external research collaborators to develop a portfolio of modeling solutions to understand the impact of our work on the Earth's systems. This includes highly-vetted, data-assimilative climate models that are  used to force, tune, and validate those same models according to industry standard optimization techniques.

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Carbon removal requires full system understanding.

Running Tide's model-driven quantification calculates total net carbon removed through our operations.  The system's breadth of measurement bounds uncertainty and bakes in conservatism to ensure a high level of certainty in the total carbon removed.

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