We're removing carbon today through ocean alkalinity enhancement and biomass sinking.

We start with the best available science and a full accounting of our emissions and environmental impact to design carbon removal projects that have a positive impact on the planet.

Source & Test
We are setting the bar by sourcing and testing materials to ensure that the good work we want to do will have the intended impact.
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We combine alkaline minerals with biomass, producing multiple positive impacts efficiently.
We deploy into the open ocean as efficiently as possible using existing infrastructure and then we let nature do the rest.

The ocean is the center of our climate system.

Our work amplifies the biological and solubility pumps - the existing natural systems of carbon removal in the ocean.

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More Than Just Carbon Removal.

Beating climate change requires a new partnership with nature.

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Protect critical biodiversity through restoring natural processes and rebalancing ocean chemistry.
Revitalize coastal communities through building equity in the climate economy.
Advance ocean science through shared data and research with global institutes.
Accelerate economic transformation through decarbonizing industrial supply chains.