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We are students of the sea, seeking to understand how the ocean can be used to build a zero carbon future. We study how we can harness the ocean’s natural rhythms to decarbonize the planet, restore habitats, and help people live healthier lives.

Our Farms

Premium Maine Oysters

Chock-full of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids, oysters are an immune-boosting, mood elevating, superfood. And best of all, they have a small carbon footprint as they need no fertilizer, feed, or cleared land to grow.

Our dedication to the oyster’s maturation process sets Running Tide oysters apart. Nurtured from our own hatchery to our hand-picked grow-out areas in Casco Bay, Running Tide oysters have deep cups, thick edges, and a beautifully consistent size and shape. Our oysters never touch the bottom, and as they grow they take on the sweet flavor of Maine’s pristine waters.


Shellfish Gardens

Join us in our effort to rejuvenate marine habitats and produce delicious, low-carbon protein. Host a shellfish garden on your waterfront, and watch as your oysters and clams improve water quality and attract biodiversity. Our custom-built equipment is plastic-free, and dramatically reduces the amount of space needed to grow shellfish.

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Kelp Carbon Credits

Join us on our negative emissions journey as we grow kelp to remove carbon dioxide from our planet.

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Running Tide Foundation

The Running Tide Foundation supports non-profit groups working to combat climate change and rejuvenate marine ecosystems. All donations are tax-deductible and contribute to advancing the science of nature-based carbon sequestration and restoring ocean environments.

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Our systems

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Our Ocean

We celebrate the natural wonder of our underwater world.

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Our Oysters

We champion our oysters’ accessibility, versatility and overwhelming health benefits to make them a more nutritious, delicious and dependable food for life.

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Our systems

We craft adaptive aquaculture
tech-niques; working to optimize nature while amplifying flavor and health rather than replacing or replicating it.

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Our Planet

We believe in the rejuvenating power of shellfish and kelp, to undo the damage done to ourselves and the planet, and restore the ocean’s plenty.

Our Team

Employing a talented team in Maine.

Our office is located at the Marine Trade Center in Portland. This hub of the working waterfront is home to many fishing businesses and marine services. Our hatchery, located at Mitchell Field in Harpswell, utilizes state-of-the-art technology to grow high quality, disease-resistant oysters that thrive in Casco Bay. Working alongside other entrepreneurs in the region, we fabricate our oyster gardens at TechPlace, located at the former Naval Air Station in Brunswick.

Are you interested in joining the Running Tide Team of engineers, data scientists, maritime professionals, and hatchery technicians?  Please contact us below.


About Us

At our core, we are innovators driven to do “more good” rather than “less bad” in the world.

We apply the minds of world-class scientists to produce exceptionally healthy low-carbon protein. We analyze ocean data to determine how to better utilize two-thirds of the Earth’s surface in the climate fight. We are Running Tide and we’re unlocking the ocean’s potential to transform our planet.

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Running Tide
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