Harnessing the power of the ocean to build a climate positive future.

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We develop new technologies to accelerate and scale the naturally restorative benefits of shellfish and kelp.


Food Systems

Oysters emit 99% less CO2 than livestock. Eating oysters is the tastiest way we can reduce our carbon footprint from food.

Running Tide is modernizing shellfish farming so more people can rely on this delicious, low-carbon superfood as a source of protein.


Excess Carbon

The carbon we emit can be captured by kelp and removed permanently from the atmosphere by sinking it to the bottom of the ocean.

Running Tide is sequestering carbon with our ocean-based system.


Our coasts

Restored shellfish beds, kelp forests, and seagrass meadows can help undo the damage we have caused our oceans.

Running Tide is rewilding these critical coastal ecosystems to both reverse centuries of degradation and support thriving coastal communities.

The sun, tides and ocean currents are critical to our work. To protect and better understand the ocean environment, we pledge 2% of company revenue to support marine research.

Join Our Fight

We are solving problems that have never been solved before. We're moving as fast as we can because we know the planet is running out of time, but this is all hands on deck. Join our network to stay up to date on how you can best support our mission as we grow.

Thank you for your interest in helping us build a climate positive future! We will be in touch. In the meantime you can share our mission with your network.
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