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Ocean Carbon Removal

25,000 tonnes of
carbon removed and counting.

We currently remove carbon through two pathways: Ocean alkalinity enhancement and biomass sinking.

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Credits delivered to customers.
Ocean sensors deployed to track project location, capture images, and collect real-time ocean data.
Research and commercial partnerships.
Enterprise customers including Microsoft and Shopify, plus 12k+ total purchasers.

Do the good work, measure it, and deliver proof that the good work happened.

The math is simple, the science is clear: We need to move billions of tonnes of carbon back to the slow carbon cycle every year. We do that in partnership with nature's most powerful carbon removal system— the ocean.
Our Process
Running Tide removes carbon durably through natural pathways: Dissolving alkaline minerals into the ocean and combining photosynthesis and gravity to store carbon in the deep sea.
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Carbon removal is the result of a net-negative supply chain. Dive into how we quantify and measure our carbon removals.
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Carbon Credits
A carbon credit represents a tonne of carbon removed from the fast cycle. Running Tide sells the highest quality carbon removal credits.
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More Than Just Carbon Removal.

Beating climate change requires a new partnership with nature.

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Restore critical biodiversity through repairing natural process and rebalancing ocean chemistry.
Directly impact coastal communities that are on the front lines of climate change by building the new Blue Economy.
Advance ocean science through shared data and research with global institutes.
Accelerate economic transformation through decarbonizing industrial supply chains.

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