Our mission

We are students of the sea, seeking to understand how the ocean can be used to build a zero-carbon future. We study how the ocean’s natural rhythms can decarbonize the planet, restore habitats, and help people live healthier lives.

We are Fishermen, engineers, software developers, maritime professionals, oceanographers, data scientists, hatchery technicians, and more.

Born on the coast of Maine, the Running Tide team has experienced first hand the steady degradation of coastal ecosystems and working waterfronts. Stories of abundant ecosystems and the thriving communities that depend on them have evaporated in a single generation. We see rising water temperatures, an accelerating loss of oyster, seagrass and kelp habitat, loss of fish stocks and declining water quality. These problems won't solve themselves.

At Running Tide, we are putting forth our greatest efforts to restore the most precious and important ecosystems in the world. We are fueled by the desire to pass a world of abundance and climate stability to our children.




years of fishing experience


unique fields of study




research cruises


machines operated


different generations


years government roles

Meet a few of us

Marty Odlin

CEO & Founder - Marty is our fearless leader whether it's in the office, in the boardroom, or out on the water.

Dr. Margaux Filippi

Director of Ocean Science - Marguax uses her dual Ph.D. in Oceanography and Mechanical Engineering to develop drift models and machine vision algorithms for our kelp projects.

Olivia Mercier

Kelp Technician and Leasing Specialist - Olivia wears many important hats, like overseeing our kelp hatchery and securing new lease sites.

Karl Eschholz

Hatchery Lead - Karl is our shellfish hatchery guru with over 20 years of experience running shellfish hatcheries in the region.

Phil Connaughton

Director of Software - Phil oversees the development of our in-house software, machine vision, and vessel automation.

Matt Anderson

Maritime Team Lead - Matt oversees on-the-water operations by keeping boats working and oysters growing. He's at home on the water, and in the engine room.

Nate Merrill

Senior Mechanical Engineer - Nate develops, designs and builds our automated shellfish growing systems. He is continually iterating better ways to grow low-carbon protein in the ocean.

Josh Hardy

Lead Fabricator - Josh is our head machinist, operating our water jet cutter and press brake. Josh is part of the team that cuts, bends, and assembles of our plastic-free platforms.

At our core, we are innovators driven to do “more good” rather than “less bad” in the world.