Running Tide's Ocean Carbon Removal Research Roadmap

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As a global ocean health company, Running Tide is building an integrated technology and positive interventions platform that can diagnose key ocean health indicators and deploy nature-based solutions to restore ocean health. We are in ongoing development and refinement of an Ocean Carbon Removal (CDR) system that can amplify and verify multiple natural carbon removal pathways to restore ocean health while maintaining a negative emissions supply chain. This vital intervention is designed to remove carbon from the fast carbon cycle back to the slow carbon cycle and eventually to restore ocean health at scale. 

The ocean is complex and constantly in flux. With this in mind, Running Tide’s multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, in concert with our independent Scientific Advisory board and external partners, have developed a Research Roadmap that will enable us to responsibly and positively deploy and scale our interventions. Our key research areas include but are not limited to:

  • Ecological perturbations of organic carbon sinking and environmental impacts of the platform.
  • The potential, impact, and most effective methods for open ocean algae cultivation.
  • The potential impact of algae cultivation on phytoplankton nutrient availability and pelagic nutrient competition.
  • Systems and methods of surface ocean alkalinity enhancement.
  • Ocean transport, distribution, and sinking of free floating carbon buoys, as well as impact on surface waters.

Running Tide has already completed a number of research programs, and has additional ongoing programs, programs in planning stages, and programs currently underway, which include: 

  • Replicated experiments in coastal and shallow waters.
  • Laboratory based study of carbon buoys, macroalgae behavior, and alkaline material delivery.
  • Replicated pilot-scale experiments in the open ocean.
  • Replicated deep-sea benthic experiments on the abyssal plain.

Running Tide anticipates both the ongoing growth of our science and engineering team, and the expansion and refinement of our research programs over the coming months and years. 

Read Running Tide’s Research Roadmap in full

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Max Chalfin is Chief Technology Officer at Running Tide.

Running Tide's Ocean Carbon Removal Research Roadmap
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