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Running Tide generates high quality, durable carbon removal credits by amplifying natural processes. Our breadth and rigor of measurement means you can rest assured your investment is doing real work.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards, especially when it comes to sourcing and impact.

Partner with us to do more good, not less bad.


Our system is designed to scale responsibly, be economically feasible, and act for long-term good. By partnering with Running Tide, you are purchasing more than just carbon removal: We're working together to create an abundant planet.

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20,000 net tonnes of it.

Carbon Removal Credits

Our system combines Biomass Sinking, safely storing carbon in the deep ocean for centuries, and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement, transforming atmospheric CO2 into stable dissolved inorganic carbon, where it remains for centuries to millennia.​

Running Tide is the global leader in open-system monitoring, reporting, and verification. We have spent the last six years building the technology (hardware and software) required to monitor the flow of carbon through open/natural systems while integrating and improving on the best available science and building out independent 3rd party validation and verification.​

Our carbon removal work has been validated by Deloitte for alignment with ISO and similar international standards. We are working diligently toward conformance with the  Reykjavik Protocol, and our carbon removal projects are subject to assurance and third party review by accredited, internationally-recognized auditing firms.

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More than just carbon.

Protect Critical Biodiversity
through restoring natural processes and rebalancing ocean chemistry

Revitalize Coastal Communities
through building equity in the climate economy

Advance Ocean Science
through shared data and research with global institutes

Accelerate Economic Transformation
through decarbonizing industrial supply chains

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