Larger restored areas
Location specific outcomes
Lower cost

Humans have caused immense damage to coastal ecosystems. Over 85% of oyster habitat is already gone, and 90% of kelp forests have disappeared in certain regions. If we don't do something now it will be too late. Running Tide is using our proven technologies and data-driven approach for restoration. Our production capacity allows us to rewild coastal ecosystems at a faster pace than ever before.

We partner with coastal communities and working waterfronts to identify and support high impact projects. Get in touch to join our restoration efforts.


Economic value

Restoration projects create and sustain various jobs in surrounding communities. Thriving natural ecosystems drive tourism and create direct economic value.

Protected Coasts

These ecosystems  defend our coastal cities against storm surge and protect our coasts from erosion, both increasingly important as storms intensify and sea levels rise.


These underwater gardens absorb excess nutrients from the surrounding water. A healthy habitat provides food and shelter for diverse marine species, creating a hotbed of life.

blue carbon

Our kelp forests, oyster reefs and seagrass beds are Blue Carbon sinks. They absorb carbon dioxide from the surrounding water and buffer our oceans against further acidification.