No manufactured storage
Minimal energy inputs
Natural processes only

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There is too much CO2 in the atmosphere and it needs to be removed, quickly. At Running Tide, we are developing the most efficient carbon removal system in the world, and better yet, our pilot project is already underway removing carbon from the atmosphere. With the help of photosynthesis, ocean currents and gravity we can use kelp to store carbon in the deep ocean. This natural process has existed on Earth for millions of years, and we are accelerating it.

safe & permanent

Our ocean-safe materials and machine learning models allow us to target specific sequestration sites and avoid negative ecological impacts. The deep ocean stores the kelp's embodied carbon for thousands to millions of years.

Additional & Scalable

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface. Growing kelp and sinking it in the deep ocean is a carbon sequestration solution that can scale beyond any other.

low cost

We leverage natural processes and let the ocean do the heavy lifting for us. We are able to sequester carbon at a lower cost than other solutions on the market.