No freshwater or land
No animal feed or fertilizer
No plastic

eat more oysters

We need to feed more people with less. It's that simple. At Running Tide, we are building new technologies that scale ocean farming. We grow delicious, healthy and low-carbon proteins like oysters and clams.

Infinitely More delicious

Nurtured from our own hatchery, our oysters are sweet with bright brine and a lingering richness. Packed full of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids, they are an immune-boosting, mood elevating, superfood.

zero inputs

Shellfish get what they need directly from the ocean without additional energy inputs. They also improve their environment by reducing ocean acidification and filtering high volumes of water as they grow.

100x higher capacity

We use automation, machine vision, and realtime data to optimize shellfish growth. The result is higher output quantities in much smaller spaces, making them an accessible protein source for many more people.