We restore and improve ocean health.

We use technology to amplify and scale natural processes in the ocean.

We’ve developed the world's most advanced shellfish systems to grow sustainable protein and restore coastal ecosystem health
Now, we’re scaling those systems globally and adding in distributed carbon removal pathways to rebalance the carbon cycle and combat ocean acidification
We quantify and monitor everything we do through the world's most advanced ocean sensor and data platform
Our ocean-based platform is designed to maximize global system benefits, improve biodiversity and keep the ocean in the goldilocks zone so we can fix our planet

We restore depleted ocean habitats and revitalize coastal ecosystems. They are essential to our planet’s health: kelp forests and shellfish reefs cycle nutrients, protect against storm surges, combat ocean acidification and create a healthy habitat for marine life. By supporting their health, we’re supporting a healthier future for humanity and the systems we rely on.

Running Tide shellfish on bladderwrack

We grow the world's most sustainable and delicious shellfish.