Running Tide in Iceland

Humanity broke the planet. Healing the ocean is our best chance of fixing it.

What we do

Running Tide develops cutting-edge ocean health diagnostics, which enable us to deploy comprehensive solutions that restore and promote ocean health.

Carbon Removal

We are working to improve global ocean health by sustainably amplifying the ocean’s natural ability to rebalance the carbon cycle. We have developed an integrated multi-pathway carbon removal system that moves carbon from the fast cycle back to the slow.

Ecosystem Services

We improve ocean health by building restorative systems, including shellfish reef habitat restoration, coastal kelp reforestation, regenerative aquaculture, and species rewilding.

Why are we in Iceland

Iceland is an ideal place to operate Running Tide’s multi-pathway carbon removal system. The country has unparalleled maritime experience and access to the deep North Atlantic, a forward-thinking government, a world-class scientific community, and wise natural resource management. Iceland is the only country in the world with 100% green electricity production, which makes running a negative carbon supply chain in Iceland more efficient.

Job opportunities in Iceland

At Running Tide, engineers, marine operators, and fishing captains work alongside biologists and geneticists. Agronomists partner with fabricators, software developers, and data engineers — it takes all of us to create the solutions our world needs. Join us in improving ocean health and ending the climate crisis.

Locations in Iceland

Office on a street corner on a bustling street with people walking around.


Iceland Headquarters
Address: Lækjargata 2, 101 Reykjavík

Grundartangi – running tide


Substrate processing and deployment
Address: Klafastaðavegur 5-7-9, Grundartangi.

A woman working in a research center reading a handheld device.


Macroalgae research
Address: Bárugata 8-10, 300 Akranes

Contact us

Reach out to if you have any questions.