Ecological Studies

Ecological Studies

In concert with numerous scientific partners, Running Tide is closely monitoring the potential impact of our interventions in diverse ocean ecosystems, including the upper ocean, and pelagic and benthic layers.

Our predictive models are informed and calibrated by data from our laboratory and field experiments. These models are incorporated in our larger model platform to predict our impacts on marine ecosystems, contribute to understanding of Earth system-scale climate interventions, and quantify our rates of carbon removal.

Additionally, we seatruth and refine our models through experiments and in-situ monitoring. For instance, we have developed experiments that determine the degradation rate of our materials on the seafloor and the organisms that participate in degradation. We also monitor both floating and sunk materials to determine how pelagic and benthic communities might shift in response to these materials.

In the area of ecological studies, Running Tide is studying a number of key research questions. These include: 

  • What organisms are involved in altering and transforming Running Tide’s carbon removal materials in the ocean environment and what are the timescales and processes of transformation? For example:
    • What is the degradation rate of carbon removal materials, including marine biomass, terrestrial biomass, and carbonate minerals, under a range of environmental conditions?
    • What organisms directly assist in degradation of carbon removal materials?
    • Is there enhanced infiltration of organic carbon into the sediment due to placement of carbon removal materials in the deep benthos?
  • What are the impacts of Running Tide carbon removal technology on ecosystems in the ocean environment? For example:
    • How does the presence of these materials impact ecosystem composition and the surrounding environment?
    • What chemicals or nutrients are introduced to the benthic environment as a result of Running Tide carbon removal technology?
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